A company’s cargo successfully passes customs control

Customs issues: Other issues Volynska region

The Kremenchug private enterprise complained that during the customs control, the Volyn customs officers did not allow 18 of the company’s trucks cross the Polish-Ukrainian border. The company imported into Ukraine a complex solvent for use in industry.

Customs officials took samples of goods from each car for examination, but purposefully delayed the investigation. Therefore, the truck load was more than 20 days, and the company paid the carriers EUR 100 per day. In addition, the enterprise  also paid staff sanctions to buyers for late deliveries.

While processing the complaint,  the Council’s investigator turned to the Volyn Customs, directly contacted its head and asked him to check the circumstances of the delay of the company’s cargo.

It is noteworthy that on the third day after the Council’s call to the customs authorities, the Specialized Laboratory issued examination conclusions to the company and all its trucks successfully passed customs control.


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