A company pays for importing fluid for cars

A spare parts and cars accessories distributor had trouble performing a banking transaction for imported goods. The company imported the fluid necessary to reduce harmful emissions from diesel-fueled cars. After contacting the #BOC_helpline, the applicant explained that he had received the goods before the war and only had to pay. However, the applicant’s servicing bank refused to carry out the transaction, which jeopardized the complainant’s further cooperation with his foreign supplier, as well as availability of this liquid sufficient amount on the Ukrainian market.
After analyzing the applicant’s documents, the BOC investigator concluded there were no legal grounds for the bank’s denial to pay. In particular, during customs clearance, the liquid was classified according to the UCGFEA code, which is included in the critical imports list, and there were no disputes with customs authorities as to goods classification. The investigator communicated with the applicant and the bank. Despite the arguments provided by the BOC, the bank did not approve the payment transaction for goods. Therefore, the investigator advised the applicant to try to perform the operation through another bank. Having gained the BOC support, the applicant turned to another servicing bank and, as a result, managed to pay for the imported goods and continued supplying the liquid to the Ukrainian market.

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