A company confirms the customs value of imported goods

Dnipropetrovs'k region

DET UA LLC approached the Business Ombudsman Council because Dnipro Customs had adjusted the customs value of imported rubber hoses.
The first batch of goods was cleared smoothly, but the customs had remarks about the second one. The customs authority refused to accept the declared customs value of goods, allegedly because the company did not provide all the documents, particularly regarding additional expenses for transporting goods and the Ukrainian translation of the quality certificate.
While investigating the complaint, the Council found out the company provided the customs authority with a complete list of documents confirming expenses related to transportation of goods and other papers necessary for determining the customs value. BOC could not understand the reasons for adjusting the customs value of rubber hoses, the first batch of which were cleared by customs officers without any remarks. The Council asked the State Customs Service of Ukraine to impartially consider the company’s complaint. As a result, DET UA LLC arguments were taken into account, and the company managed to fully confirm the declared customs value of imported rubber hoses.

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