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Complainant finally gets reply from Executive Committee of Zaporizhzhia City Council 


Subject of complaint: The Executive Committee of Zaporizhzhia City Council (Executive Committee) 

Complaint in brief: The Council received a collective complaint from the Association of Internet Providers. Eighteen companies complained about the management of apartment buildings. According to the Complainants, management companies artificially overrated cost of access to distribution points for Association members. In addition, the Executive Committee that selected and approved managers, ignored the Association appeal. Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, the Council does not investigate complaints of businesses against other business entities, therefore, only part of the complaint related to omission of Zaporizhzhia municipality regarding its failure to consider the Association appeal was taken into consideration. 

The complaint review process revealed that Zaporizhzhia City Council indeed adopted the procedure for hooking up to access points, according to which service companies were selected on a competitive basis. However, it should be noted the Complainant did not have any claims regarding the conduct of tender or its results. 

Actions taken: The Council’s investigator examined the circumstances of the case and asked the Executive Committee in writing to consider the Association appeal, and give a clear and comprehensive reply to it.

Result achieved: A month later the Executive Committee responded to the Complainant. It stated in writing it had no right to interfere with the legal commercial activities of apartment buildings managers. In addition, the municipality advised companies service providers, the Complainant acts on behalf of to tackle issues of access to utility rooms of residential buildings directly with apartment building co-owners association. Given the fact the Executive Committee implemented the recommendation and provided a substantiated reply to the Complainant, the Council decided to discontinue investigation of the case.